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Broadband Product Disclosure

Providing standardised information about broadband plans to consumers


Offer Summary

The Broadband Product Code's objectives are to:

  • Allow consumers to more easily compare broadband plans between service providers.
  • Enable consumers to select the best broadband plan for their needs.
  • Introduce a consumer-friendly Offer Summary that provides key information about  service providers fixed line, mass market broadband plans.
  • Specify other information service providers must make available to consumers about broadband plans, performance and related issues.

Who it applies to

Telecommunications Retail Service Providers, who sell fixed line, mass market residential broadband plans, who choose to sign up to the code.

Who it affects

  • Consumers. People who have, or are looking to purchase a fixed line broadband plan for home or their home office.

Project Status

March 2014 - This Code came into effect on 1st March 2014.  The methodology for measuring and reporting on individual broadband plan performance is still in development and is scheduled for completion during 2014.


In June 2012, MBIE asked the TCF to develop standards that would deliver a common template and set of information on fixed broadband products, that would increase the transparency of this information for consumers and enable them to easily compare broadband plans.

In response, the TCF established the Broadband Product Disclosure to develop a self-regulated industry code of practice. 

The first iteration of the Broadband Product Disclosure Code will fixed line broadband plans only. Residential mobile and wireless broadband plans will be included in a future iteration of this Code.

The purpose for taking this phased approach to the draft Code development was to allow the TCF to deliver a Code sooner.

Effective Date

This Code was endorsed on 23 October 2013 and came into effect on 1 March 2014.

Signatories to this Code

Last Updated 17 May 2016