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December 2016

Product Stewardship Scheme Annual Report FY16

19 Dec 2016

RE:MOBILE is an accredited Product Stewardship Scheme created for the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of unwanted mobile handsets.

November 2016

New National Environmental Standard for Telecommunications Facilities Positive Move for Industry

24 Nov 2016

The Telecommunications Forum (TCF) today welcomed the announcement by the Communications Minister Amy Adams and Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith about the new NESTF, under the Resource Management Act (RMA), today.

TCF launches new website for consumers

22 Nov 2016

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has launched a new website which has a stronger consumer focus.

Incredible effort restores communications

21 Nov 2016

Communications Minister Amy Adams has today thanked telecommunications companies and their field force partners for their collaborative efforts in restoring physical infrastructure

Bringing you Better Broadband

17 Nov 2016

Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) is the fastest, most reliable broadband service available.

Samsung Note 7 Blacklisted by Telecommunications Industry

4 Nov 2016

For safety reasons the New Zealand Telecommunications industry, in coordination with Samsung, is blacklisting any Samsung Note 7 mobile phones still held by customers.

Commission proposes to continue telephone number portability

3 Nov 2016

The Commerce Commission has today released a draft determination proposing to continue the regulation of number portability services for both local and mobile telephone numbers for another five years.

Data requirements to support emergency voice calling now available

1 Nov 2016

New Zealand police data requirements to support the TCF Code for Emergency Voice Calling Services now available.

October 2016

Increased customer complaints reported

14 Oct 2016

The number of consumer complaints recorded by the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Scheme has increased.

Orana Wildlife Park collects phones for recycling

3 Oct 2016

A fantastic result from Orana Wildlife Park in support of RE:MOBILE mobile phone recycling.

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