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The Commerce Commission's Copper Withdrawal Code was published 10 Dec 2020. This Code allows Chorus to withdraw its copper-based telecommunications services in areas where fibre is available. Where fibre is not available, Chorus must continue to offer its copper services.  

The Code sets out the minimum requirements Chorus, the provider of New Zealand’s copper telecommunications network, must meet before it can stop providing wholesale copper phone and broadband services.

There are a number of consumer protections in place for copper withdrawal including obligations on retail providers to ensure that ‘vulnerable consumers’ have appropriate means of contacting 111 for emergency services in the event of a power outage. These are described in the Commerce Commission's 111 Contact Code.   

To complement the Commerce Commission's codes the TCF Copper and PSTN Transition Code sets out requirements that retail providers must meet when their customers are transitioning away from copper-based services due to either copper withdrawal, PSTN switch off or a commercial decision means copper services will no longer be available in that area.

The TCF Broadband Marketing Code is designed to increase the ability of consumers to make informed decisions about what service best suits their needs and to increase consumer awareness about the various speed and performance characteristics of each service.

For more information on consumer protections for copper withdrawal visit the Commerce Commission website 'Consumer Protections'


Last Modified On Wednesday, 4 May 2022