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Other factors that can affect your broadband performance are often outside the control of both yourself and your service provider

Distance to host

The physical distance between you and the content you are viewing. This means websites hosted overseas may load slower than those hosted locally.
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Other networks

Performance of other networks and equipment used to provide the content you are viewing.
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Service Provider

Sometimes switching to a different service provider may improve speeds.
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Your speed may be reduced by your service provider if you have exceeded your data cap or breached their fair usage policy. If for example you have used up your contracted data limit for the month, your service provider may limit your speed. To monitor your usage, check your usage meter or sign up for usage alerts.
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Time of the day

Just like our public roads that experience peak hour congestion, internet speed depends on how many other people are online. At peak times, usually evenings, your internet speed may be slower due to an increase in traffic.

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Watch this short video to learn more about factors within your home and surrounding environment that can impact on your broadband performance.

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Last Modified On Sunday, 30 October 2016