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Being connected and online has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

The internet is fundamentally changing the way we work, learn, live and play. Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) delivered using fibre optic cable, is the next evolution of Internet connectivity.

UFB offers higher speeds than broadband delivered over the copper network and has the ability send more data simultaneously. This means you can easily stream content such as music, upload, game, use video calls, watch movies and more in your home at the same time. This means no glitches in gaming, no need to wait for your favourite TV show to buffer while someone is video calling on another device at the same time. There is also little disruption to your broadband when other people in your neighbourhood are online at peak times.

Fibre enables you to access new technologies delivering products and services such as home automation, lighting, air-condition, security, remote monitoring and healthcare.

The Government led UFB initiative is tasked with bringing better and faster internet to 85 per cent of New Zealanders by 2024. The government has two major initiatives; the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) Initiative and the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). Together, these two programmes will bring the benefits of improved internet connectivity New Zealanders, enabling a vast range of business, educational, community and other opportunities.

The national UFB roll-out is happening in stages and some urban areas may not have fibre installed in their street until 2019. Once fibre is installed in your street it is then available for installation to your home.

Check if you can already access fibre or when your area is due to get fibre, using this address checker.

Fibre is currently available on different plans in different speeds. Your choice will depend on where you live, what speed is available to you and your usage. Most providers are offering unlimited plans at competitive pricing, however if you choose a plan with a data cap your monthly connection fee will be reduced slightly.

Contact your preferred ISP for more information on pricing plans and packages.

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Last Modified On Friday, 15 December 2017