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What you need to know about changing service providers

Many customers sign with a service provider and stay with them, occasionally changing their data plan. However, in the same way as switching power or other utility companies can save you money, changing your service provider can also bring savings, improved broadband service or new value-added services like streaming TV or digital music content.

Regardless of why you switch providers, first, contact the service provider you would like to change to. They will help you manage the transition process as smoothly as possible. Remember, you may have outstanding obligations to your current service provider including unpaid invoices or an early termination charge if you are breaking a contract period, you may also have other bundled services which are combined with your telecommunications services which you may no longer be able to receive.

It’s important to know that if you run any monitored systems such as security or medical alarms, before changing to a fibre plan, you should notify your service provider to confirm if these services will still work or whether you will need to upgrade or replace them. To do this you will need to contact your security or medical alarm provider as part of the transfer process.

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Last Modified On Monday, 21 August 2017