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The TCF has issued a Request for Quote (RFQ) seeking device solutions to support the Commerce Commission’s 111 Contact Code (the Code).

Under Part G of the Code, Retail Service Providers (RSPs) who provide a landline service to a vulnerable consumer must provide them with a suitable solution to enable them to call 111 in the event of a power failure.

What we require:

The TCF is seeking responses to the RFQ from interested parties who are able to provide devices (mobile or UPS battery back-up devices) to RSPs. These devices will be provided by RSP’s to their vulnerable consumers as required by the Commerce Commission’s 111 Contact Code (the Code).

A suitable solution must be available for calling 111 for a minimum period of eight hours and comply with the requirements of Part G of the Code.

The TCF is supporting RSPs by coordinating the supply of appropriate solutions that will meet the Code’s requirements. It will be optional for RSPs to purchase the devices through the TCF arrangement.

RFQ Process

The RFQ has now closed and the TCF are currently reviewing responses.

Anticipated Contract start date: 19 April 2021

Contact Details

All enquiries must be directed to our Point of Contact:

Name: Clare Dobson


Phone: 09 475 0215

Last Modified On Thursday, 8 April 2021