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What you need to know about changing service providers

Switching your service provider allows you to take advantage of better deals or plans offered by other providers, or to bundle your landline with other services.


If you would like to change your service provider and keep your landline/home phone service, contact the service provider that you would like to move your services to. They will guide you through the switching process. You must provide authorisation to the new service provider before your service can be transferred. The switching process is governed by two industry codes:


It is important to note that you may not always be able to keep your existing landline home phone number. Your Service Provider will advise you on whether this is possible, they will then arrange for your phone number to be ported from your current provider to them as part of the switching process. Porting may take up to three days for landlines. You will not be able to use your landline service while your number is being ported, so you should ensure you have access to another form of communication, such as a mobile phone, during this time. 


There is no fee to switch service providers and port (retain) your number; however, you will need to check with your current provider if you have any outstanding payments due or if there will be a charge for breaking your contract with them.


When switching landline service providers other considerations such as whether a monitored alarm system is connected to the landline service. Find out more here

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Last Modified On Tuesday, 28 January 2020