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Sustainable Coastlines

New Zealand waterways are better off as a result of tens of thousands of mobile phones recycled each year through the RE:MOBILE scheme

Sustainable Coastlines is the beneficiary of the RE:MOBILE mobile phone product stewardship scheme.

The collection and recycling of disused mobile phone handsets via the RE:MOBILE scheme generates revenue, which provides an opportunity to make a donation to a registered charity.

Sustainable Coastlines has an innovative approach to protecting the environment and this aligns well with our objectives for RE:MOBILE.

RE:MOBILE provides critical funding for the delivery of the Sustainable Coastlines Love Your Water programme.

Together through this partnership we will reduce waste sent to landfills, save valuable materials and energy, and help to look after New Zealand’s waterways.

With 69% of New Zealand’s rivers deemed unsafe for swimming after rainfall due to contamination, this is important work.

Sustainable Coastlines has a long term vision of beautiful beaches, healthy waters and inspired people and the proceeds from the RE:MOBILE scheme helps them to achieve their objectives.

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Sustainable Coastlines

Visit the Sustainable Coastlines website and learn more about their work.

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 24 January 2018