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As a consumer, you can change mobile service providers while retaining your phone number, to take advantage of the best deals available.

To port a number, contact the provider you wish to move your services to, and tell them you want to port your number to them. Porting should take one business working day for mobile phones or up to three days for landlines.

There is no fee to port your number, however there may be outstanding payments due or a charge for breaking a contractual term from your existing provider.

Mobile number prefixes (021, 022, 027, 029) can now be supported by any mobile provider, so you won't be able to tell which network you are calling based on the prefix alone. If you want to know which network you are calling, TXT the mobile number to 300 and you will receive a free return TXT advising the network that number is linked to.

You may wish to advise colleagues, friends and family when you port your number as it may affect call rates if you were previously on the same provider's network.

Did you know?

Both landline and mobile phone numbers are allocated under a ‘license to use’. This means you can port your number when you change providers, but it is not your property and it is not possible to buy or sell phone numbers.

The Number Administration Deed (NAD) is responsible for the New Zealand Telecommunications Numbering Plan. It is made up of the Number Allocation Rules and the Number Register.

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 24 January 2018