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Published Thursday 13 Jun 2019

The Commerce Commission’s second report from its enhanced broadband monitoring programme shows that most New Zealanders are able to reliably stream high definition (HD) video, such as Netflix and YouTube, most of the time.


The Measuring Broadband New Zealand Autumn Report, from independent testing partner SamKnows, includes speed and performance comparisons across copper (ADSL and VDSL), fibre (Fibre 100 and Fibre Max) and fixed wireless technologies.

“Fibre plans perform the best, being able to deliver 4k video streaming from Netflix over 99 percent of the time,” said Telecommunications Commissioner Dr Stephen Gale.

“We are pleased that all technologies are delivering a good video streaming experience – even ADSL, the slowest technology, is capable of delivering HD video around 75 percent of the time.”

Future Measuring Broadband New Zealand reports will also break down these video streaming results to compare how providers are performing against each other.

The Commission is continuing to look for more volunteers on specific plans to enable it to publish more detailed information on a range of topics, including broadband performance in different regions in New Zealand and comparisons between providers.

“The aim of our Measuring Broadband New Zealand programme is that Kiwis use the information in our reports to choose the right technology and provider for what they want to do online,” Dr Gale said.  

The next report is due out around September this year.

Volunteers needed for more accurate measurements

The Measuring Broadband New Zealand programme is designed to provide consumers with independent information on broadband performance across different providers, plans, and technologies, to help them choose the best broadband for their household. Shining a light on actual broadband performance will also encourage providers to compete on performance and not just price.

More households are needed to ensure that the Commerce Commission can get an accurate picture of how New Zealand's broadband is performing. Volunteers are needed from all parts of the country,  of all ages, and on all types of broadband technologies, plans and providers.

A list of plans the Commission is seeking volunteers for are detailed in the report, which can be found here.

Find out more about being a volunteer here