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Published Tuesday 24 Mar 2020

With the entire country going into self-isolation, demand for data will increase as Kiwis use the internet to continue to work, learn and to entertain themselves over the coming four weeks.


“We are fortunate that New Zealand has world-class telecommunications networks that will be able to handle the increase in traffic, but there may be times when the service is slower than usual due to congestion at particular points,” said Geoff Thorn, CEO of the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF).


“The industry has been working together to ensure that we are ready for this. We have also been working with the Government to ensure that we can prioritise and meet its most urgent needs.”


Telecommunications retailers have already taken many steps to support New Zealanders, such as removing broadband data caps and waiving late payment fees.


The industry is urging consumers to check their home network will cope with higher usage. The TCF has shared information for consumers on how to get the best from their home internet network.


“It is important that New Zealanders ensure their own home internet networks are up to scratch,” said Thorn.


“There are easy things that New Zealanders can do at home, such as plugging in as many devices as possible directly into their router with ethernet cables, to improve the quality of their home internet.  This also frees up the Wi-Fi for other devices.”


Other tips include using a Wi-Fi extender, and making sure you are on a plan and connection that best suits your needs.


More information can be found here.