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  • The changing face of the Telco industry

    Published Wednesday 15 Sep 2021

    How is the Telecommunications industry doing? Apparently quite well.

  • Level 2 Broadband

    Published Friday 10 Sep 2021

    With the most of the country moving to Level 2, traffic levels on the Chorus network have dropped away from the all-time highs seen during Level 4, but in the process, we can see in sharp relief a couple of interesting factors that define our COVID working lives.

  • Resolving disputes – it’s the putting right that counts

    Published Tuesday 7 Sep 2021

    Telecommunications today is more than just a way of talking to other people, it is an essential gateway to modern life. If you add up the mobile phones in use, and all the landlines to homes and offices (broadband or otherwise) you get close to eight million connections in New Zealand alone, and the types of services we use our phones for have grown almost exponentially.

  • Let's talk copper

    Published Friday 27 Aug 2021

    There seems to be some confusion about copper lines and how they work, not to mention why we’re moving away from them to newer technology, so I thought I’d have a go at explaining it all.

  • Battening down the hatches

    Published Tuesday 17 Aug 2021

    As we wait for news of the potential outbreak in Auckland, I can’t help but think about what lockdown life would be like without fibre to the home and the ability to work remotely.

  • Mobile operators warn arson attempts on cell sites may impact phone and internet connectivity

    Published Friday 15 May 2020

    Following a spate of suspected arson attempts around New Zealand, including a concentration of attacks in South Auckland, the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) supports the country’s three mobile operators Vodafone, Spark and 2degrees in urging community members to report any suspicious activity near cell sites.

  • Received a scam call or text message? Tell your telco

    Published Wednesday 11 Dec 2019

    Every New Zealander who has a phone will likely receive a scam call or scam SMS at some point. By telling your telecommunications provider promptly about any suspected scam calls or text messages you receive, you can help protect yourself and other New Zealanders from being scammed.

  • RE:MOBILE raises $25,000 for Sustainable Coastlines

    Published Friday 29 Nov 2019

    New Zealand’s waterways will benefit from the thousands of Kiwis who have recycled their mobile phones in the past year.

  • Collaboration between Telco Industry, Government agencies and Netsafe enhances scam call protection

    Published Thursday 21 Nov 2019

    A collaboration between the telecommunications industry, Government agencies and Netsafe is enabling improved protection from scam calls for consumers.

  • Broadband Performance – A Complex Issue: Part One

    Published Friday 24 Aug 2018

    Broadband Performance – A Complex Issue: Part One

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