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  • In a world of inflation, telecommunications has never been cheaper

    Published Tuesday 3 May 2022

    When I started out using the internet I had the best connection possible: the office connection. It was free, it was fast and it was always on.

  • Flubot is Coming to a Phone Near You

    Published Thursday 21 Apr 2022

    Those relentless text messages you're getting about a non-existent package for pick-up is coming from a nasty virus called FluBot. Here's what you need to know and how to get rid of it...

  • Telco affordability world leading

    Published Tuesday 8 Mar 2022

    As concerns about the cost of living, rising inflation and affordability of everyday items increases, the cost of telecommunication products and services has fallen consistently year after year.

  • Telco sector tackles Number Porting fraud

    Published Tuesday 1 Mar 2022

    Number porting fraud is a relatively new and uncommon occurrence in New Zealand, and the telco sector wants to keep it that way.

  • Be aware of TCF phone scam

    Published Thursday 27 Jan 2022

    The TCF has been alerted to a phone scam currently circulating in which people are impersonating the TCF.

  • From satellites to submarines – why connectivity is an essential service

    Published Tuesday 18 Jan 2022

    The news from Tonga (or lack thereof) is a sobering reminder of just how reliant we all are on modern communications networks. When they are disrupted, it creates a huge amount of uncertainty and slows down our ability to respond to a crisis in any coordinated way.

  • Your mobile phone may just save your life this summer

    Published Tuesday 21 Dec 2021

    Telecommunications has become an essential service and most of us don’t think twice about being able to stay in touch. But when you’re out on the road or in the wilderness, it’s not necessarily as easy as it is in the city.

  • Changing with the times

    Published Thursday 16 Dec 2021

    Fourteen years ago we didn’t have iPhones, we didn’t have fibre to the home, we didn’t really have fixed wireless services and most customers were moving from dial-up to DSL. How times have changed.

  • Industry welcomes RSQ baseline report

    Published Thursday 9 Dec 2021

    The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) welcomes the Commerce Commission’s final baseline report into retail service quality as it now provides an indication of the Commission’s focus for the year ahead.

  • New Zealanders enjoy access to world-class broadband services

    Published Wednesday 1 Dec 2021

    Auckland experienced no significant drop in broadband performance compared with the rest of New Zealand during lockdown, the latest Measuring Broadband New Zealand report from the Commerce Commission shows.

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