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  • Comparing Apples With Apples

    Published Thursday 11 Aug 2022

    Kiwis are a careful lot when it comes to money. We like to know what we’re buying, what the costs will actually be and how to get the most out of our hard-earned cash. We've put together a code to help you compare apples with apples when choosing a telco provider.

  • A Whole New World of Connectivity - August Newsletter

    Published Thursday 4 Aug 2022

    Nothing really stands still in this industry. Now that the Marketing Alternate Services Codes have been finalised, attention turns to the governance of the industry’s dispute scheme and how we will future proof that for the years ahead...

  • Digital inclusion for all – why #NetsafetyWeek2022 is so important

    Published Tuesday 26 Jul 2022

    One of the big issues to face the telco sector that bubbled up during COVID lockdowns is the question of digital equity. In a world where telecommunication is as vital a utility as water or electricity, how do we make sure everyone can get online to access the services they need?

  • Kiwis benefiting from better broadband

    Published Friday 10 Jun 2022

    The latest Measuring Broadband New Zealand report from the Commerce Commission will help Kiwis make informed buying decisions about the broadband they want.

  • Kiwi Broadband punches above its weight

    Published Thursday 2 Jun 2022

    We're that much better that it's a bit embarrassing.

  • It's the Birthday of Modern Telecommunications!

    Published Wednesday 25 May 2022

    178 years ago, modern telecommunications was born with the first telegram sent, in the US. Now look where we are...

  • Rude Alert for a Great Service

    Published Monday 23 May 2022

    Emergency Alert tests hitting Sunday evening at dinner time can be a bit disruptive, but it's a great service that can be a timely warning in event of a pending disaster or emergency...

  • In a world of inflation, telecommunications has never been cheaper

    Published Tuesday 3 May 2022

    When I started out using the internet I had the best connection possible: the office connection. It was free, it was fast and it was always on.

  • Flubot is Coming to a Phone Near You

    Published Thursday 21 Apr 2022

    Those relentless text messages you're getting about a non-existent package for pick-up is coming from a nasty virus called FluBot. Here's what you need to know and how to get rid of it...

  • Telco affordability world leading

    Published Tuesday 8 Mar 2022

    As concerns about the cost of living, rising inflation and affordability of everyday items increases, the cost of telecommunication products and services has fallen consistently year after year.

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