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Published Thursday 1 Dec 2022

Another year in the bag and I swear they’re passing faster than ever. While the last few have been somewhat odd to put it mildly, 2022 was at least a little bit brighter and more entertaining.


Find out about the latest scams and fraud circulating, read the update on the new Public Safety Network for NZ and look into the remote users scheme. A government-led initiative which will help even more remote households get access to the infrastructure needed to access broadband services. 



  • Scam prevention code approved 

  • Fraud awareness week 2022 

  • Successful fraud & revenue assurance seminar 

  • Staying one step ahead of the scammers 

  • UFB mission accomplished 

  • New public safety network 

  • Govt delivers connectivity for rural and remote households 

  • Industry news 

  • Member activity 

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