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Organisations that are code signatories

A signatory is an organisation that has agreed to be bound by a TCF code.

In signing the code, they have accepted primary responsibility for monitoring and ensuring their compliance with the relevant TCF code.

Broadband Product Disclosure Code

Standards for service providers regarding how fixed line broadband plans are described

Code for Control of Unauthorised Use of Mobile Phones in Prisons

A code of practice for ‘jamming’ the unauthorised use of cell phones in prisons.

Co-Siting Code

Facilitating a co-operative approach to co-siting radio communications equipment.

Customer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Scheme

A regime to facilitate dispute resolution between customers and their telecommunications service providers.

Customer Transfer Code for Fibre Services

This code outlines the process for the transfer of fibre telecommunications services between service providers

Disconnection Code

Guidelines for applying disconnection policies for residential customers.

Emergency Voice Calling Services Code

Provision of customer information and call quality standards for emergency voice calls.

Fibre Installation Code

Delivering a good fibre installation customer experience

IMEI Handset Blacklisting Code

Enabling lost or stolen mobile handsets to be blocked on any New Zealand mobile network.

International Mobile Roaming Code

Improving transparency of mobile roaming charges for consumers.

Mobile Messaging Services Code

Guidelines for the advertising and operation of mobile messaging services.

RE:MOBILE Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme

A voluntary product stewardship scheme to facilitate the recycling and reuse of unwanted mobile phones.

Scam Phone Call Prevention

Working together to reduce international phone scam calls to New Zealand.

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Last Modified On Thursday, 12 January 2017