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Protecting customers and facilitating a better telecommunications customer experience

Much of the work undertaken by the TCF and industry is focused on improving the customer experience before, during and after service delivery. The following codes and regimes have been established to facilitate this.

Broadband Product Disclosure

Standards for service providers regarding how fixed line broadband plans are described

Copper and PSTN Transition Code

This is the code by which members agree on the process and procedures for removing connections via copper and the PSTN network as we transition to the new technologies on offer.

Customer Complaints

A regime to facilitate dispute resolution between customers and their telecommunications service providers.

Customer Transfer - Fibre

This code outlines the process for the transfer of fibre telecommunications services between service providers

Customer Transfer - Regulated services

The process for the transfer of regulated telecommunications services between providers

Disconnection Code

Guidelines for applying disconnection policies for residential customers.

Fibre Installation Code

Delivering a good fibre installation customer experience

International Revenue Share Fraud

Best practice guidelines for the identification and prevention of telecommunications fraud

Scam Calls and SMS

Working together to reduce scam calls and SMS.

Last Modified On Wednesday, 4 May 2022