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Working together to reduce international phone scam calls to New Zealand.

What it is

The Code for Scam Call Prevention is an industry code of practice for network operators to identify, verify and take action in response to scam calls to landlines and mobile phones.


To provide fair and consistent policy standards for network operators to help inform, prevent and protect customers against scam phone calls. 

Code endorsed

Following a period of public consultation and consideration of submissions received, the TCF has endorsed and published the The Code and invites network operators to sign up to it. For further information about signing-up to the Code, please email Rachel Nottingham at

Who it applies to
Network Operators who choose to sign up to the Code.

Who it affects

Landline and mobile phone customers

Network operators

Code status

Code type: Voluntary code
Document version:  September 2018.


Signatories to this Code

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Advice for consumers

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 10 June 2020