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A voluntary product stewardship scheme to facilitate the recycling and reuse of unwanted mobile handsets and their accessories.

What it is

A Ministry for the Environment accredited regime for voluntary mobile phone product stewardship, called the RE:MOBILE mobile phone recycling scheme.


The primary purpose of the Scheme is to provide an avenue for New Zealanders to donate unwanted mobile phones for recycling. A percentage of profits from recycled phones are donated to charity.

Who it applies to

This code applies to any party that manufactures, imports, retails, distributes or recycles mobile devices in New Zealand and has agreed to be a Scheme Member, including:

  • Mobile network operators
  • Mobile virtual network operators
  • Buy Back Operators
  • Electronic Waste Recycling Operators

Who it affects

Document status

Document type: Scheme

Document version: 2nd edition. July 2014.

Signatories to this Code

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More information about the RE:MOBILE mobile phone product stewardship scheme.

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RE:MOBILE Product Stewardship Working Party

Information about the working party that provides oversight to the RE:MOBILE product stewardship scheme.

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