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Developing a consistent industry approach to managing connection and termination of copper and fibre services in abandoned intact scenarios.

What it is

The Abandoned Intact Connections Working Party has been established to develop a code which sets out the process for abandoned intact connections for both fibre and copper. This is to be aligned to the customer transfer processes for fibre and copper services.

By establishing an industry code for abandon intact connections telecommunications providers can provide a better customer experience for transitioning services for both departing and incoming customers at an address.


A code detailing the process for abandon intact connections for fibre and copper services between service providers and the network operator or LFC.

Who it applies to

  • Service Providers
  • Network Operators
  • Local Fibre Companies

Who it affects

  • Telecommunications services customers
  • Service providers
  • Network operators
  • Local Fibre Companies

Project Scope

In development

Date established

June 2016

Working Party Members

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Last Modified On Thursday, 12 January 2017