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The disclosure of broadband plans to consumers to enable better understanding of plans and services and comparison. 

What it is

The TCF Broadband Product Disclosure Code is a mandatory code. 

The purpose of the Code is to specify minimum standards for the disclosure of information to Consumers about Broadband Plans.

This is the second iteration of the Code.

Code Review

The Broadband Product Disclosure Working Party has commenced with a review of the Code to include fixed wireless, WISP and satellite access in scope and to update references to the Commerce Commission's Measuring Broadband New Zealand programme. 

Who it applies to

Retail Service Providers

Who it affects

Consumers of fixed line broadband services

Project Status

  • Final drafting phase
  • Expected completion date is end March 2021

Working Party Members

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Broadband Product Disclosure Code

Minimum standards for the disclosure of information regarding mass market residential fixed line broadband internet access plans to customers

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 3 November 2021