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What it is

The Broadband Product Disclosure Working Party was established to develop a code that set out minimum standards which a service provider must provide to customers regarding how their fixed line, mass market broadband services are described.


Broadband Product Disclosure Code

The Broadband Product Disclosure Code was completed in 2014. The Code covers fixed line residential broadband plans only. Residential mobile and wireless broadband plans may be included in a future iteration of this code.

Measuring Broadband Performance

The code requires service providers to present broadband performance information on a per-plan basis in their offer summaries to consumers.

To enable this, a methodology for independently measuring and reporting on the performance of broadband plans is being developed.
As the Commerce Commission already monitors and reports on broadband performance in New Zealand, the TCF is working closely with them to determine if new TCF methodology can be introduced as an alternative measurement.

Who it applies to

Service Providers

Who it affects

Consumers of fixed line broadband services

Working Party Establishment

This Working Party was established in August 2012.

Working Party Members

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Broadband Product Disclosure Code

Minimum standards for the disclosure of information regarding mass market residential fixed line broadband internet access plans to customers

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