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Published Wednesday 17 Feb 2016

Figuring out which internet service provider best suits your needs where you live is a common dilemma, with so many providers and different plans to choose from.


There are many variables at play that can affect an individual’s broadband performance: how close you are to the exchange; which type of broadband technology is available to you (e.g. fibre, VDSL, cable); how your premises is wired; to what your neighbours’ usage patterns are like! These factors, and many others, are not necessarily affected by your choice of ISP.

With so much to consider, the TCF wishes to provide New Zealanders with an independent, accurate picture of how Internet Service Providers compare.

Right now, there are a number of ways to measure and report on broadband speed and performance, each with their own subtle differences. So the TCF is in the process of identifying possible technology partners able to provide a consistent, robust and independent testing method that will ultimately help provide results in a consumer-friendly way.

This ambitious project, which will use a methodology best suited to New Zealand’s market structure and geography, will present consumers with accurate information on overall performance, including what the actual achievable average speeds are, rather than theoretical maximum speeds, and provide a clear way for consumers to get an estimate of what speeds they could expect at their home.

It’s early days yet, but the TCF hopes to have the project go live by the end of 2016.