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A Consumer Data Right (CDR) is a mechanism for consumers to securely share data that is held about them with trusted third parties.

What it is:

To improve the availability of mobile plan information to consumers the TCF has commenced with a project to work with mobile providers on a mobile plan framework. This would set out a minimum set of plan information that mobile providers will make available to third parties, such as comparison sites, to assist consumers making choices and decisions about the best mobile plan that suits their needs.

The TCF has also started considering what a consumer data right (CDR) for the mobile sector may look like. The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) describes a CDR as a “mechanism for consumers to securely share data that is held about them with trusted third parties.” For information on MBIE’s CDR work visit their website.

The TCF will be completing a report which consider a pathway to CDR for the mobile market against the backdrop of the legislative work currently underway by MBIE.  


This project was commenced following the Commerce Commission (the Commission) completing their mobile market study in 2019 and a review of mobile consumer bills report in 2020. The Commission identified there could be improvements to the transparency and availability of consumer’s mobile usage data to ensure consumers are on the right plans and have information available to make comparisons to other mobile plans.  

Benefits to consumers of mobile services:

In addition to the changes mobile service providers are implementing to make available mobile usage and spend information, the TCF initiative will allow mobile consumers assess their plans via third party comparison site and ensure they are getting the best plan for their needs.

Who it applies to:

Mobile service providers


The project covers two deliverables:

  1. Developing a mobile plan framework which can be used by third party providers of comparison services; and
  2. Complete a preliminary views report on a prospective pathway to a CDR.


  • Deliverable 1 will be completed by mid-December 2021
  • Deliverable 2 will be completed by end January 2022

Working Party Members:

  • 2degrees
  • Chorus
  • Spark
  • Trustpower
  • Vocus
  • Vodafon


Last Modified On Thursday, 2 December 2021