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This TCF working party was established to develop an industry code to set out agreed industry process when an end user's copper services are being migrated to an alternative technology under certain circumstances. 

What it is

A TCF voluntary code which sets out agreed processes between Chorus and Retail Service Providers when Chorus migrates an end user's telecommunications services from Chorus' copper network onto an alternative technology in response to specific scenarios such as:

  • Damaged copper network due to lightning strike, earthquake, flood, motor vehicle accidents; or
  • Road works to the extent replacement is necessary as repair is neither practical nor economic; or
  • Areas where the power provider is undergrounding its services or the community has funded undergrounding of their services.

The Code will describe the minimum requirements to meet a positive customer experience outcome. 

The withdrawal of copper services within a specified fibre area is covered under the Commerce Commission’s Copper Withdrawal Code.


A Code detailing a process for migrating end user’s copper services under specific scenarios.

Who it applies to

  • Chorus

Who it affects

  • End users of copper fixed line telecommunications services
  • Retail Service Providers

Project Scope

Approved May 2017

Working Party Established

June 2017

Working Party Members

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