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The amended Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Act 2018, Schedule 2A, provides for a Copper Withdrawal Code to allow Chorus to withdraw copper services in a specified fibre area.

What it is

The TCF Copper Withdrawal Code Working Party was established to consider the scope of the Copper Withdrawal Code (the Code), the industry processes which might apply in the Code and minimum requirements to protect those end-users of copper services.

It is the responsibility of the Commerce Commission to develop the Code. The statutory deadline for developing the Code is 1 January 2022.

The Commerce Commission has notified that they will publish the Code by 10 December 2020.


  • Provide TCF submissions to the Commerce Commission's Code development process.
  • Develop industry processes, supported by existing business as usual practices, for the withdrawal of copper services within a specified fibre area.

Who it applies to

  • Chorus

Who it affects

  • End users of copper services
  • Retail Service Providers
  • Regulated Fibre Network Operators (Local Fibre Companies)

Project Scope

Approved October 2018

Working Party Established

September 2018

    Working Party Members

    Last Modified On Monday, 14 September 2020