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The Customer Complaints Code sets out the principles and processes for customers to make a complaint and the handling of those complaints by Scheme Members and by Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR).This Code is currently under review.

What it is
The purpose of this Code is:
  1. To improve Scheme Members’ internal Complaints resolution processes to assist with early resolution of Complaints.
  2. To increase customer confidence in the industry by establishing appropriate standards of practice that apply consistently across the industry
  3. To ensure that customers have access to an effective independent dispute resolution mechanism to address issues where the Customer is not satisfied with the outcome from their Scheme Member’s internal Complaints handling or dispute resolution process in relation to a complaint.


  1. A an updated Code.
  2. Consultation with interested parties on the draft Code.
  3. Implementation of Code.

Who it applies to

  1. TCF Members
  2. Non-TCF Members who are telecommunications service providers and choose to become a member of the TDR Scheme. Service providers do not need to be a member of the TCF to be a member of the Scheme.

Who it affects

Customers who are customers of TDR Scheme members

Project Scope

In development

Date established

June 2019

Working Party Members

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Last Modified On Monday, 15 July 2019