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A unified telecommunications industry voice on e-waste consultation and a forum for collective approaches to industry management of e-waste

What it is

The purpose of the Electronic Waste Working Party is to:

  • Lead the industry response to any Government consultation on electronic waste to minimize the regulatory burden on industry.
  • Review industry waste streams and where possible develop industry-wide electronic waste disposal programmes that could meet standards for product stewardship accreditation.


  • The Working Party is to manage a unified and effective telecommunications industry voice in response to consultation on electrical and electronic waste (e-waste).
  • The Working Party is also exploring the feasibility of working collaboratively to develop recycling programmes that allow members to minimize costs and impacts, while also minimizing environmental harm and maximizing volumes of recycling.

Who it applies to

Telecommunications infrastructure, network and service providers

Who it affects

Telecommunications infrastructure, network and service providers

Working Party Establishment

This Working Party was established in March 2015.

Working Party Members

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