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Published Friday 19 Dec 2014

The TCF is establishing a working party to look at solutions for telecommunications e-waste management.


An Electronic Waste Working Party is being established to:

  1. Provide an effective, unified industry voice during the Ministry for Environment’s consultation on electrical and electronic waste.
  2. Develop an appropriate, collective approach to industry management of electronic waste.
Regulation of electronic waste in some form may be inevitable; therefore the Working Party will engage with the Ministry for the Environment to minimize any regulatory burden on the telecommunications industry; and to see whether there is an opportunity for TCF members to work collaboratively to develop recycling programmes that allow members to minimize costs and impacts, while also minimizing environmental harm and maximizing volumes of recycling.

The new E-Waste Working Party will look specifically at network waste, modems and other telecommunications customer premises equipment waste. Mobile phone e-waste is already managed under the Ministry for the Environment accredited, RE:MOBILE Product Stewardship Scheme.