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Ensuring the effective delivery of emergency calls made via voice services

What it is

The Emergency Voice Calling Services Code (the Code) specifies call quality standards for voice calls to emergency services and customer information to be provided to emergency service providers.


An updated Emergency Voice Calling Services Code and associated Operations Manual.

Public Consultation

The TCF has developed a draft Emergency Voice Calling Services Code and is now issuing it for public consultation.

You are invited to examine the draft Code and provide your feedback.

If you wish to make a submission, please note that the closing date is 5.00pm, Tuesday 10 May 2022. Please send your submission via email to

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all submissions will be regarded as public and will be published on the TCF website.

Who it applies to

Providers of voice telecommunications services to customers.

Who it Affects

  • Emergency service providers such as Fire, Police and Ambulance which are accessible by a 111 emergency call.
  • Telecommunication service customers

Working Party Members

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 20 April 2022