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To establish consistent industry standards for the activities required to successfully install and connect fibre services whilst delivering a good customer experience to consumers. 

What it is

The Fibre Installation Working Party was established to develop a code which sets out the minimum requirements Retail Service Providers and Local Fibre Companies must meet when installing and connecting fibre services at a customer's premises. 


  • Fibre Installation Code
  • Agreed reporting metrics for monitoring under the TCF Code Compliance Framework

Public Consultation

Public consultation on the TCF Fibre Installation Code has now closed. 

The Fibre Installation Working Party is currently finalising the Code before it is submitted for TCF Board approval in August. The Code will then be published on the TCF website. 

Who it applies to

  • Retail Service providers delivering fibre services
  • Local Fibre Companies

Who it affects

  • Consumers
  • Retail Service Providers
  • Local Fibre Companies

Project Scope

Amended version approved February 2018

Date working party was established

June 2016

Working Party Members

Last Modified On Thursday, 4 July 2019