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Encouraging the responsible and compliant delivery of mobile messaging services to consumers.

What is it

The Mobile Messaging Services Code sets out the rights and obligations for the advertising, promotion and operation of all premium and non-premium mobile messaging services.

The Working Party has been re-established in 2017 for the bi-annual review of the Code.


An updated Voluntary Mobile Messaging Services Code incorporating any clause revisions and Code Compliance requirements.

Who it applies to

  • Mobile Content Providers
  • Mobile Content Service Providers (“Aggregators”)
  • Telecommunications Service Providers

Who it affects

Consumers who opt-in to receive mobile messages via a service, or receive txt alerts from a business they have a relationship with.

The revised Code will be issued for public consultation to Aggregators, the Advertising Standards Authority, the Department of Internal Affairs and other interested parties who will be invited to submit on the changes to the Code.

Working Party Establishment

The original Code was approved by the TCF in 2010.

The Working Party was re-established in June 2017 for the Code’s bi-annual review. This review will be focussed on reflecting the ongoing changes in the mobile messaging market and to reinforce the Code’s objective to ensure mobile messaging services are compliant with legal and regulatory obligations.

Working Party Members

Last Modified On Friday, 7 July 2017