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Developing recommendations for cable installers for both residential and business premises when connecting to telecommunications services

What it is

The purpose of the premises wiring working party is to develop Guidelines that outline the Telecommunications industry’s recommendations regarding the provision of Generic Cabling in residential, SDU and MDU premises to Interested Parties.


To define a set of recommendations which will provide good long-term performance and reliability of Telecommunication Services for the New Zealand consumer. A Generic Cabling system will provide an open, flexible platform designed to work today and in the future with a range of access technologies including fibre, cable, copper, fixed wireless, and satellite broadband, meaning the customer has flexibility on what type of broadband service they purchase from a Retail Service Provider.

Public consultation on draft guidelines

The TCF has developed a draft TCF Premises Wiring Cable Installers Guidelines for Telecommunication Services (“The Guidelines”) and is now issuing it for public consultation.

You are invited to examine the draft Guidelines and provide your feedback.

If you wish to make a submission, please note that the closing date is 5.00 pm, Friday 30 July 2021. Please send your submission via email to or post it to the NZ Telecommunications Forum, P O Box 302469, North Harbour, Auckland 0751.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all submissions will be regarded as public and will be published on the TCF website.

Who it applies to

Telecommunications service cable installers

Who it affects

Customers of telecommunications services

Date established

October 2020

Working Party Members


Enable Networks

Northpower Fibre


Ultrafast Fibre


Last Modified On Friday, 2 July 2021