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Published Friday 29 Jun 2012

The TCF recently made a submission to the Christchurch City Council regarding their proposed plan 63 – Utilities.


Plan 63 is concerned with those facilities required to maintain and service the needs of Christchurch city including telecommunications networks and services.

Main points covered in the TCF submission were:

  • Ensuring the Council plan makes adequate provision for the ability to build and repair network infrastructure including allowance for the creation of new overhead lines.
  • The installation of telecommunications and support equipment near schools and reserves.
  • Concerns with Plan 63 drafting that appeared to reinterpret the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunications Facilities (NESF).
The TCF believes that Plan 63 – Utilities should service the people of Christchurch without being so overly restrictive as to hinder the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure, which invariably would have a negative impact on those same people.

Read the full submission