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Published Tuesday 31 Jan 2017

What do the 2016 regulation changes mean for environmental planning and resource management?


Do you work within environmental planning or resource management for telecommunications services?

Changes to the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities 2016 (NESTF 2016), effective 1 January 2017, can have a considerable effect on the decision making process for new telecommunications infrastructure and planning.

NESTF 2016 has been enacted to enable efficient and effective roll out of telecommunication infrastructure throughout the whole of New Zealand. The scope of the new framework has been expanded to include new facilities in rural zones and the road reserve; new antennas on buildings and small cell towers on structures but still subject to standards to ensure environmental effects are minimised and managed appropriately.

To understand these changes and how they will impact you, a series of information workshops will be held across the country facilitated and presented by members of the NESTF Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and Local Council representatives.

These workshops explore what is enabled by the new standards, give case study examples and have an opportunity for discussion on specific policy points.

For a list of the workshop dates and locations, and to register, click here

For more information on the NESTF 2016 visit the Ministry for the Environment website: NESTF 2016