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First world problem – when your landlord won’t say yes to fibre

9 May 2023
2021 updates to the Tenancies Act were designed to give renters more rights around UFB access - so why are some landlords still dragging the chain when it comes to providing their tenants with modern life essentials like the internet?

Battening down the hatches: the telco sector’s response to Cyclone Gabrielle

7 Mar 2023
When NEMA called to say the incoming cyclone would be the biggest in a century it was hard to judge just what that would mean in practice. February saw the industry swing into full crisis mode with damage and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

Q&A - Technologies in extreme weather events

19 Feb 2023
Q&A - Technologies in extreme weather events Commonly asked questions about technologies in extreme weather events

Avoiding Scam Callers

What should you do if you receive a suspicious call?

Broadband information for consumers

Find out what your options are for getting the best connection to the internet.

Copper Network and PSTN Withdrawal

The old copper network is past its use-by date and the PSTN service is moving to take advantage of new technologies. Find out more here...