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In a world of inflation, telecommunications has never been cheaper

3 May 2022
When I started out using the internet I had the best connection possible: the office connection. It was free, it was fast and it was always on.

Flubot is Coming to a Phone Near You

21 Apr 2022
Those relentless text messages you're getting about a non-existent package for pick-up is coming from a nasty virus called FluBot. Here's what you need to know and how to get rid of it...

Telco affordability world leading

8 Mar 2022
As concerns about the cost of living, rising inflation and affordability of everyday items increases, the cost of telecommunication products and services has fallen consistently year after year.

Avoiding Scam Callers

What should you do if you receive a suspicious call?

Broadband information for consumers

Find out what your options are for getting the best connection to the internet.

Copper Network and PSTN Withdrawal

The old copper network is past its use-by date and the PSTN service is moving to take advantage of new technologies. Find out more here...