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The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

22 Sep 2022
Last week the long-awaited Digital Strategy for Aotearoa was launched at the Digital Boost birthday party. Long awaited in the sense that we haven’t had a digital economy strategy since National’s Building a Digital Nation, launched in 2016.

5 Things To Know About Copper Withdrawal

15 Sep 2022
In this blog we are going to share five things to know when it comes to the copper service network in New Zealand. The way we connect our landline and broadband services is changing, as our needs and requirements grow. For some of us that means learning far more about our phone systems than we’d ever expected to.

Change: The only constant

16 Aug 2022
Change can be very difficult to handle for some, doubly so if you’re not really invested in the new way of doing things. We see this all the time with locals opposed to development in their suburb, or even nations closing their doors to international investment or connections. The fear of something new is so much, that they just say no.

Avoiding Scam Callers

What should you do if you receive a suspicious call?

Broadband information for consumers

Find out what your options are for getting the best connection to the internet.

Copper Network and PSTN Withdrawal

The old copper network is past its use-by date and the PSTN service is moving to take advantage of new technologies. Find out more here...