Moving house

Moving your telecommunication services when you move house

Moving house can be a stressful time, but ensuring that you have arranged to transfer your telecommunication services ahead of time can help reduce the stress.

If you are moving house you should notify your service provider as soon as possible so they can arrange to have your services reconnected to your new address on or after your moving date.

Moving house is a great opportunity to upgrade your telecommunications services, particularly if you are moving to an area where you can access fibre.

It is possible for you to keep your landline phone number if you are moving within your regional calling area. However, if you are moving to a property in a new calling code region, you will be issued with a new phone number. For example, if you are moving far (e.g. from Auckland (09) to Wellington (04)) you will be unable to keep your current landline phone number, regardless of whether you are staying with the same service provider or connecting to a new one. You will be assigned a new number within the regional calling area you have moved to.

If you decide to change service providers you will need to check your current contract terms and conditions as you may incur an early termination fee. However, there can be some real benefits from switching providers and those offering services in your new location may offer a different range of products and services.

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