Medical alarms

Services such as medical alarms, monitored security alarms and on-demand television services rely on a fixed phone line connection, if they are not delivered over a mobile network.

If you switch to fibre, these services may be impacted. Before switching to fibre, please check each of your services with your individual service providers, and with your telecommunications provider, to ensure their continued operation.

Your service providers will be able to confirm whether your equipment will continue to function over a fibre connection, or whether you will need to upgrade or replace them. You may consider a wireless medical alarm for example, which uses the mobile phone network instead of a wired connection.

If you need help with the ongoing costs of rental and monitoring for a medical alarm Work and Income may be able to help you pay for this as part of a Disability Allowance. Find out more.

Remember, if there is a power outage, none of your services that rely on your fibre or VoIP connection will function, unless you have a battery back-up service.

It is also recommended that you have access to a charged mobile phone that you can use during a power outage.



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