Broadband is delivered via a satellite to a dish on or near the consumer’s home. It is particularly useful in remote locations where fixed or wireless broadband solutions are either unavailable or of poor quality.

Other broadband technologies

You can also use cable and public WiFi to access the internet.

HFC Cable

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) uses a cable installed into your home rather than telephone lines. It provides faster speeds than ADSL and VDSL.

HFC Cable supports high bandwidth requirements. Service providers offer different packages at different speeds, depending on your requirements.

HFC Cable is only available within areas of Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti. Use the National Broadband Map to check whether you can get cable at your address.

Public WiFi

Public WiFi, sometimes known as WiFi hotspots, are offered by a range of providers including businesses and councils. Hotspots are usually located in busy areas such as airports, transport hubs, cafes and other public places. Each hotspot only covers a small area. Public WiFi can be accessed through smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Because Public WiFi is usually easily accessible to anyone, it may be more vulnerable to security issues, so you should be wary of using it when confidentiality is a concern (e.g. internet banking or sensitive emails / documents)



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