Switching service providers

Many people compare their telecommunications service and switch service providers for many reasons: to upgrade their plans, get better customer service, or even to be on the same network as their friends and family.

Changing your service provider can bring savings, improved service or additional value through other offers like free access to content streaming services or bundled services with other utilities. 

What you need to know and check before switching:

  • Ensure that the service provider can offer you the services and plans that best suit your needs.
  • Check the terms of your current contract. If you haven’t reached the end of the contract period, you may incur an early termination fee. 
  • Bundles services: If your current contract has bundled services (e.g., broadband and electricity) there could be implications on these services when switching to another service provider, for example if you choose to move only your broadband service this could impact the contract terms of your electricity.
  • Check the contract terms for additional services like online streaming or music platforms. 
  • Make sure you understand the service provider’s contract – is it fixed term? Are they entitled to change the terms and conditions, are there connection fees, or costs for returning equipment? 
  • Make sure the service provider’s network covers your area.
  • If you want to keep a landline service, check that this is available, the price and if you retain your existing landline phone number. 
  • You must always provide authorisation to the new service provider before your telecommunications services can be transferred. 




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