Customer Transfer Code for Fibre Services

What it is

The Customer Transfer Code for Fibre (the Code) specifies the transfer process and supporting behaviour that service providers and network operators must adhere to when facilitating a transfer of a customer’s fibre telecommunications services in New Zealand.


The purpose of the Code is to ensure a positive customer experience when they request to transfer their fibre services between service providers in New Zealand.

Who it applies to

This Code applies to Network Operators and telecommunications Retail Service Providers (RSPs) that provide Fibre based Services to their Customers. 

Who it affects

Customers who switch their fibre services from one fibre service provider to another fibre service provider. 

Out of scope

  • Porting of local, mobile or toll-free numbers
  • Transfer of mobile phone service
  • Transfer of copper services
  • Transfer of wholesale fibre services between Local Fibre Companies

Code Status

Code type: Voluntary Code

Approved: 26 May 2022

Document version: Third issue

Signatories to this Code

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