Copper and PSTN Transition Code

Code for the marketing of alternative services during copper and PSTN transition.

What it is

Requirements that RSPs must meet when their customers are transitioning away from copper-based services due to copper withdrawal, PSTN switch off or a commercial decision means copper services will no longer be available in that area.

This Code complements the Commerce Commission’s Copper Withdrawal Code that governs how Chorus can withdraw copper in certain areas, for more information on consumer protections for copper withdrawal click here. 


  • To ensure consumers are able to make informed decisions when transitioning away from their existing copper-based services;
  • Educate consumers on the benefits of alternative technologies;
  • Avoid consumer confusion regarding the transition process and what alternative services are available to them.
  • Provide support to consumers transitioning from copper-based services to ensure the transition is a smooth one and that their needs are meet.

Who it applies to

Retail Service Providers who are transitioning their customers off their copper-based services to alternative technologies.  

Who it affects

Consumers of copper-based services who are transition onto alternative technologies.

Code status

Code type: Voluntary Code

Document version: 1st edition. April 2022

Signatories to this Code

Signatories to this Code

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TCF Copper Factsheet 195 KB

Two principal changes affecting the copper network


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