Fibre Installation Code

Delivering a good fibre installation customer experience


The purpose of the Code is to deliver a good customer experience by the New Zealand telecommunications industry when installing a new fibre connection at a customer’s premises.  The Code defines a nationally consistent fibre installation standard and sets out clear expectations for customers during the installation process.

What it is

The Code describes the minimum requirements a Retail Service Provider (RSP) and a fibre Network Operator should follow and to ensure the telecommunications industry acts in the best interests of the customer. The Code:

  • defines a good customer experience for the installation of fibre;
  • requires consistent messaging and communication to customers by RSPs and Network Operators;
  • makes available relevant information to customers throughout the customer journey;
  • defines the minimum standards for the end-to-end installation process that RSPs and Network Operators must meet; and
  • requires compliance to the Code in accordance with the TCF Code Compliance Framework.

Who it applies to

This Code is applicable to RSPs who sell fibre products and services and Network Operators who install fibre telecommunications services.

It is not intended to impact on other parties who do not have obligations under this Code.

Who it affects

New Zealand telecommunications customers who request a new fibre telecommunication service to be installed at their premises.

Services covered by this code

This Code applies to the installation of fibre fixed line access services at a residential premises.

What it doesn’t cover

  • Mobile phone services
  • Transfer of telecommunications services from one RSP to another RSP
  • Transfer of wholesale fibre services between Local Fibre Companies
  • The installation of access services not delivered over a fibre network

Code Status

Code type: Voluntary Code
Document version: 1st edition. April 2020

Signatories to this Code


TCF Fibre Installation Code 


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