Telecommunications Emergency Management Plan

What it is 

The TCF is developing a Telecommunications Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) which will describe the operational process and coordination of the telecommunications sector across the 4Rs of emergency management (reduction, readiness and response, recovery). 

The Telecommunications sector is currently identified as a Lifeline Utility under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 (the Act). 

The purpose of this project is to develop the (TEMP) as per the requirements under the proposed Emergency Management legislation and which aligns to the National Disaster Resilience Strategy 


  • Review the requirements that Telecommunications Critical Infrastructure Entities (CIEs) must meet under the Bill;  
  • Review the existing incident and emergency response operational procedures of the Telecommunications Emergency Forum (TEF); 
  • Create a single document covering operational principles and processes for the Telecommunications sector and leadership across both local and central government and other Critical Infrastructure in the event of a major disruption to telecommunications network.  

Who it applies to 

  • The Telecommunications sector 

Project Status 

  • Draft project plan 

Working Party Members 


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