Code Compliance

Strengthening the commitment to self-regulation and industry best practice.

The TCF plays a significant role in facilitating the development of industry best practice through codes, guides and publications.

Consumers and legislators can be confident that a provider who has signed a code is committed to following the recommendations made by industry.

The TCF’s Code Compliance Framework (CCF) is central in ensuring the protection of consumers and maintaining the validity of self-regulation by the telecommunications industry.

The CCF sets out the processes, roles and responsibilities of the TCF and code signatories for monitoring and reporting on compliance with TCF Codes.

Administration of the CCF is undertaken by the TCF Code Compliance Officer in accordance with the procedures set out in the CCF Operations Manual.

The CCF is not designed to resolve customer service complaints. This is the jurisdiction of the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution service.,


There are no current sanction in effect.



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