Consumer service standards for customer care

What it is

This Code sets out the minimum standards of practice that providers must deliver when engaging with consumers.  


Providers must publish a customer care policy that includes: 

  • Minimum standards of practice
  • A complaint handling process
  • Information on how a complaint can be escalated to the Telecommunications Disputes Resolution (TDR) scheme

Who it applies to

  • All TDR Scheme Members (including TCF Members)

Who it affects

  • Customers who are customers of TDR Scheme members 

Code status

Code type: Mandatory code

Document version: 1st Edition July 2023

Signatories to this Code

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How to join

Information for Service providers on how to join the TDR Scheme.

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Complaints information for consumers

TDR offers a free independent service to residential and small business customers of telecommunications companies.

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How the TDR Scheme Works

Read about the governance structure of the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution scheme.

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