Broadband Product Disclosure Code

Providing standardised information about broadband plans to customers

What it is

A mandatory code of practice that specifies minimum standards for the disclosure of information regarding residential broadband internet access plans to customers.


  • Allow customers to easily compare broadband plans between service providers via a customer-friendly Offer Summary.
  • Enable customers to select the best broadband plan for their needs.
  • Specify what key information a service provider must provide on their Offer Summary for their residential broadband plans offered over fibre, fixed wireless, WISPs, cable, copper (ADSL and VDSL) and satellite technologies.
  • Specify what other information service providers must make available to customers about their broadband plans, including traffic management and related issues.
  • Provide a link to where the customer can access performance information for the broadband plan, for example the Commerce Commission Measuring Broadband New Zealand results.

Who it applies to

  • TCF Members
  • Non-TCF Members who are telecommunications service providers selling mass market residential broadband plans, who choose to sign up to the code.

Who it affects

Customers looking to purchase a residential broadband plan.

Code status

Code type: Mandatory Code

Document version: 2nd edition. April 2022.

Signatories to this Code

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TCF Broadband Product Disclosure Code


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