Telecommunications Emergency Forum 

This forum is activated to support telecommunication providers responding to an emergency or state of emergency that impacts telecommunications services. 


The role of the TEF is to enable effective coordination of emergency response across the sector when an event may impact national and regional telecommunications. The TEF acts as a conduit between NEMA, government, other critical infrastructure entities and TEF members to restore telecommunications services. 

The TEF is managed by the TCF and there are currently 20 telecommunications companies who are active members.  


The objective of the TEF is to ensure effective management of the telecommunication industry response during an emergency that impacts either national or regional telecommunications. This includes: 

  • Coordination and communication between members 
  • Mitigate threats to telecommunications services 
  • Resilience assessment of telecommunications networks  
  • Communication to government and key stakeholders 
  • Cross sector coordination to restore telecommunications services during an event.  

Date established 

October 2008 


2degrees Internet NZ Spark 
AWACS Comms Kordia Symbio 
Chorus Mercury Transpower 
Connexa Now NZ Tuatahi  
DTSANZ Northpower Fibre Unison Fibre 
Enable Networks One NZ Vector Fibre 
Fortysouth Rural Connectivity Group Vital 


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