Code for the Marketing of Broadband Services 

What it is

This Code requires providers who market broadband services to ensure that the information about the technical and performance characteristics of the broadband service is presented in a clear, accurate and up-to-date way.


The purpose of this Code is to set out the key principles that providers should adhere to when marketing broadband Telecommunications Services to Consumers, by:

  • Presenting fair and accurate information about the speed and performance of broadband plans in marketing collateral; and
  • Not mislead consumers on speed and performance indicators.

Providers can market broadband services on the basis of “Personas” must be objectively justified and demonstrably reasonable.

For guidance, the TCF has published ‘Broadband Marketing Personas’ information on the TCF website which is also available for consumers. This information sets out what applications and activities are expected to be supported on different services.

Providers must also provide a clear process for consumers to raise complaints regarding the speed and performance of their broadband service and a commitment to resolve the issue. 

Who it applies to

Providers who market broadband services to consumers.

This Code does not apply to Local Fibre Companies, read their Letter of Commitment.

Who it affects

Consumers of broadband telecommunications services.

Code status

Code type: Voluntary Code

Document version: 1st edition. April 2022

Signatories to this Code

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Alternative Testing Methodologies to Measure Broadband 105 KB

Broadband Marketing: ‘Personas’ Information 252 KB

LFC Letter of Commitment to Commerce Commission 217 KB

TCF Broadband Marketing Code


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