Sustainable futures

We all have a role to play in a sustainable Aotearoa 

Sustainability is an area of increasing focus as Aotearoa strives to address environmental challenges. By investing in sustainable industry best practice, increasing consumer awareness, encouraging the adoption of greener devices and promoting e-waste recycling programmes the telecommunications sector can play its part. 

Climate Change Working Group

The TCF has established a Climate Change Working Group. The group’s purpose is to gather and share information about the impacts of climate change on the resilience of the telecommunications industry.

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Product Stewardship

RE:MOBILE is the telecommunications sector’s product stewardship scheme aimed at reducing the environmental impact of unwanted mobile phones and their accessories via a circular economy solution.  

This not-for-profit scheme is managed by the TCF and encourages New Zealanders to donate their unwanted mobile phones and accessories for re-use, refurbishment, or recycling. Its aim is to reduce the environmental impact of these devices and equipment and raise consumer awareness.

Visit the RE:MOBILE website to find out how to recycle your mobile phone

Enabling Consumer Choice 

Eco Rating is a newly introduced global rating system that evaluates the impact mobile phones and feature devices make on our environment throughout the entire lifecycle of the device. It assesses the environmental impact of the process from production, transportation, use and to the disposal of the device and produces an overall score that shows the impact the device has on the environment.    

Find out more about the launch of Eco Rating in New Zealand here




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