Wiring your home

Are you wiring for a smart home?

What you need to know about wiring your home for telecommunications services before you build or renovate.

Future proofing your home and ensuring it is fit for purpose for current telecommunications technology can save you time and money down the track. Thinking about how you want to use telecommunications services in your home at the same time as other services like electrical wiring and plumbing, will enable installation of telecommunications cabling during the building process rather than having to be retro-fitted. 

Installer and homeowner guides

To support homeowners the TCF has developed an easy-to-read factsheet which highlights key considerations for homeowners from the TCF Premises Wiring Installer Guidelines.

The guide answers the following questions:

  • Who provides and connects my telecommunication services to my premises?
  • What telecommunications services do I want in my home?
  • Where in my home do I connect and use my telecommunication services?
  • Do I require battery back up to support my equipment?
  • How should my home be wired to connect my telecommunication services?

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