Mobile phone recycling

Your old mobile phones aren’t much use to you, but they are to RE:MOBILE!

RE:MOBILE phone recycling programme

RE:MOBILE is a free and easy way to recycle your mobile phone. Recycling your unwanted mobile phones means that the valuable resources in your mobile phone, such as silver and gold, can be reused again. It also keeps harmful substances out of landfill. 

When you recycle your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE, over 95% of the materials that make up your mobile phone will be reused.  For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE money is donated to Sustainable Coastlines to help protect New Zealand’s waterways. 

RE:MOBILE is not-for-profit and is New Zealand’s only Ministry for the Environment accredited mobile phone recycling scheme. It is managed by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF).  The telecommunications industry is strongly committed to responsible management of e-waste.

The nationwide RE:MOBILE programme is supported by 2degrees, One New Zealand and Spark. The programme is operated by Swapkit on behalf of the TCF. 


There are over 470 locations across the country where you can drop off unwanted mobile phones for recycling. These include all 2degrees, One New Zealand, Spark retail stores or kiosks, Noel Leeming stores, Resene ColourShops and other council organisations.

If you are in Auckland you can also drop mobile phones into Sustainable Coastlines’ Flagship EducationCentre, corner Beaumont and Madden Streets, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland.

Visit the RE:MOBILE website to find out how to recycle your mobile phone



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